Favourite couples

20 Apr


Klaus Mikaelson the lesser brother

...and judging by the way Hayley hangs on your every word,
it's clear she feels the same way.
No doubt, my child will, as well.
20 Apr 
Klaus + Hayley → The Originals Still 1.20

Klaus + Hayley The Originals Still 1.20

20 Apr

Anonymous asked: Hey darling! Can you post this "spoiler tv" poll on your tumblr so Klayleys can vote? Thanks! :)


Of course! Klayley fans If you want vote for Hayley ;)

I posted some comments because it makes me sad to read people who wish an eternity alone to Klaus. Why they must be so hard with him? Klaroline…or being lonely? I don’t get it. He deserves some happiness after all he has been through. I hope these are just some of the fans and not all because I want the best for Klaus even If he’ll be alone (without a woman by his side) I want him to find a kind of happy ending with Rebekh, Elijah and his baby girl.

20 Apr
20 Apr


Title: medicine | klaus&hayley 

Okay, so I’d like to thank captainnoonesgirl for giving me this idea and also this post which I practically worship now. So everything in this video is basically just a visual representation of her explanation :)

19 Apr
Would it be so hard, 
for you to let me in Would it hurt too much,
to shed your skin Your rules, your games,
but it's my heart at stake Watch it as it breaks
19 Apr
19 Apr


Evil Beauty Part 1

19 Apr


Klaus + Hayley TVD 4x16 / TO 1x18

"My arrangement with them was supposed to be a secret, 
and yet you forced it out of them. It's very bold."
- Klaus
19 Apr

Suggested Names for Princess

Nikol ~ variation of the name Nicole. Greek origin, means “victorious people”

Andrea ~ Greek origin, means “manly”

Diana ~ Roman origin, means “goddess of the moon, the hunt, the forest and childbirth”

Hope ~ English origin, one of the three Christian virtues (Faith, Hope, and…